Kevin Frank: Radical Separation

Thank you everyone who attended. I was humbled and honored to see so many brilliant colleagues in the room. I will be blogging about this soon and will post a link here when it happens, but in the mean time here are the files [please note that these are a work in progress -- think of these as a starting point, and test thoroughly]. -- superceded by the version included in the blog posting below...


What this session is: Discussion and demos of intermediate and advanced separation model techniques.

What this session is not: A beginner level explanation of the separation model (a.k.a. TSM).


Q. What's your experience with TSM?
A. I've used it heavily over the last seven years, for a variety of vertical market applications, custom projects and, recently, on a vertical market FMGo app.

Q. I'm curious about TSM, but I've never used it. Will this session be too advanced for me?
A. Not at all, just do some homework first. E.g., there has been detailed discussion of it on FM Forums

Q. Will this session include a debate of the pros vs. cons of using TSM?
A. I sure hope not -- these have already been discussed ad nauseam in countless online venues, including the one cited above. However, obscure TSM "gotchas" are certainly fair game.

Q. I've got something cool I'd like to demo, should I contact you first?
A. Yes, I'd appreciate that...

Q. Are you going to cover deployment of separated offline FMGo solutions?
A. "Cover" might be too strong a word, but yes, this will be discussed.

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