Donovan Chandler : FileMaker Frameworks: Ideas and Best Practices

Do you have any templates or modules that you like to reuse in your projects? We will discuss the uses and challenges of reusing code in FileMaker, specifically larger collections of pre-made functionality. I'm not as interested in templates that have pre-built models as in collections of helper scripts, etc. Think jQuery or Rails.

Here are some questions and tensions to consider pertaining to this discussion. (Thanks to Brian Schick for help formulating these.)
  • Functionality expediting development vs restricting options
  • Recognizable patterns facilitating sharable code vs stifling creativity
  • Anything to learn from other language communities like JavaScript or Ruby?
  • How do we make frameworks easier to adopt? When is more robust functionality worth the learning curve?

NOTE: This session was previously titled Advanced Charting and Visualizations. That topic dovetails nicely with the new one in that Beezwax's FOCUS framework facilitates easier integration of web languages. But I'll discuss the details of visualizations on the side with anyone who is interested. I came to the conclusion that visualizations would not facilitate as much conversation as I would like.

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