A discussion of current trends toward minimalist/flat visual design, and a growing bias against stylistic emulation of real-world objects (skeuomorphism). Discussion will include many examples of current trends and examples from various sides of these arguments.
This is not just a presentation, although some visual material will be shown for reference and reflection. The purpose is to engender some lively conversation and discuss the ups, downs, ins and outs of flat/minimalist trends in design. This subject is an important one, because it has caused a schism within the design community, and maybe even within the corporate culture of Apple, arguably one of the most influential drivers of software design over the last decade. Fundamental questions regarding the uefulness of skeuomorphism, and its very definition, have arisen to offset and acutely accent the rise of flat design. Anyone missing embossing/engraving in FMP12? Is that inner shadow a good idea or not? Let's see if we can find some answers, or even more questions!
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