Steven H. Blackwell

The Loss of Innocence: Data Under Assault. Data Security and Privacy in the Era of Advanced Persistent Threats

As fresh as today’s headlines, the safety and security of data in our and our clients’ systems are matters of concerns to all FileMaker developers.

With updates fresh from the annual RSA Security Conference held just before Pause On Error, in this session we will update information on who the current threat agents are and what they are doing. We will look at reasons—many of them surprising ones—for the aura of complacency that still permeates many organizations. And we will seek to develop some suggestions for addressing data security in the Era of Advanced Persistent Threats.

The Age of Innocence is now over. We now must in Alec Foege’s words commit a disruptive act [and] pivot from history and begin a new journey that results in innovation, invention, and illumination.

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