SQL Dev Sugar :: Vincenzo Menanno and Brian Schick

Part I: Introducing "@". Taking cues from Ruby and JavaScript meta languages and libraries like CoffeeScript, Underscore.js, and jQuery, @ offers a fast, nimble, and robust meta tool with a chainable syntax for building SQL queries from the inside out. @ is crafted to help developers hand code queries rapidly, promote uncluttered structural SQL, and be equally readable before and after evaluation.

For example, this meta query:

external image example-pre.png

… will produce this SQL …

external image example-post.png

Part II: A group discussion of new possibilities for using SQL to streamline and improve FileMaker structures.
  • How can SQL help us handle issues like ensuring data integrity, and performing safe / cascading deletes?
  • When can SQL help us eliminate primary ID's?
  • How can SQL streamline our handing of historical and current data?

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