What is metadata? (or metedata or Mattadata™) Why do we care about it in FileMaker?

My goal is for this session to be 35% presentation and 60% discussion, and 5% humor.

My thoughts so far:
As developers, we commonly use lookup tables, such as a table of zip codes and cities to make entry of address data faster for customers. If those tables store information about records in your system, how might that make things better for users? And how about connecting to vastly larger sets of data outside your system to improve data entry? (for example GIS maps)

• A table that stores when a record was viewed, and how many times it was viewed
• A table that stores quality of records in your tables. How complete is the record? What fields are missing data?
• A table that stores what most recent search was when users clicked on a detail view. (and Short click vs. Long click)
• A table that stores common misspellings of names, words, and dates in your tables (Levenshtein edit distance and other methods)
• A large Public repository of clean FileMaker-formatted lookup data, such as the value for every property in a city, county, or state, or all the records in Wikipedia

Connect several of these things together and you can get something that approaches Google. Well, it's at least moving in that direction...

I have a tradition of showing a huge set of public data carefully curated in FileMaker format. In the past, I showed a database with a summary of every article in Wikipedia, a huge set of Wikileaks, and a table with 1 billion records. My example this time will not disappoint!

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