You may have heard about integrating interactive elements into your FileMaker layouts using Web Viewer and HTML 5. "HTML5" has come to be a brand that really describes using a combination of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to create applications. FileMaker's web viewer can display HTML5 and these other technologies. Yet these concepts can be difficult to grasp, so this discussion will introduce you to the basics behind displaying HTML, allowing user interaction, working with images and communicating back and forth with FileMaker. All discussion welcome, interested in how others are using this now.

Bonus: Joel Shapiro will also demo an experimental web-viewer layout technique -- based on the concept of "Responsive Web Design" -- that uses just one layout for FMGo iPhone, FMGo iPad and FMPro, as well as provides the option to include jQuery & JavaScript within the layout.
Also, Brian Schick from Beezwax, will discuss some interesting techniques using JavaScript and FileMaker.

Tons o' demos!

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