A demo of the technique where we can use InsertFromURL to run a script from Go/ Pro on the Server under CWP (Custom Web Publishing) aka on-demand scripts run server-side. Thus enabling tasks that are currently impossible from Go because we have no plug-in capability (like full scale PDF manipulation)... I promise you a U.S. first...!! Some lessons learned about where the technique falls down and how to get round it....
Discussion about what other capabilities this might enable, how to measure the speed and networking benefits, how to make the technique uncoupled (file and field agnostic), and whether it is robust enough to use in a full scale production environment.
Session will be conducted in UK English...!!
Come with a Jedi mind..

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Fascinating msnmedia msnmedia 1 199 Feb 20, 2013 by johnrenfrew johnrenfrew

My MonkeyBread colours file (this part works on MAC ONLY)... use and abuse at will, no error checking etc.... Plug in is in the file
The left arrow will install the colur stright away if you choose the do it now option else it will just store it till next time you run update all

I have an fp7 version if you prefer here. For this you will have to download the plugin yourself - but there is also more documentation too....

If you want access to the served file from today drop me a note...
john at e-rwu.com