In a typical software development project, fully 80% of software development dollars are spent correcting software defects. - US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 2002

Even the most basic of projects can get complicated very quickly. In an ideal world, creating a solution would simply mean establishing your requirements at the start of a job, implementing them, and delivering the solution to the customer. Years of experience have taught us that this is never the case. The reality is that there are a million factors that can change the scope and increase the complexity of a project: time, scheduling, new features, and availability of resources are just a few. What some businesses struggle to understand is that it is never simply about adding new features, it is about determining how each new feature affects every other component of the system. In this session I will share my recently developed QA solution that has helped streamline our testing process as well as lead a discussion regarding testing procedures that work and do not work. Hopefully you will come away with a fresh and thorough approach to QA that will improve your relationships with your valued customers as well as increase your bottom line.

Deborah Norton - President of Perennial Code

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